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Cool, High Performance Kolcroft Stroller
Cool, High Performance Kolcroft Stroller

Strolling Along As a New Mom

Babies Love Strolls!
Baby Loving Stroll

Ask any new mom what’s the one major activity she loves doing with her child, I’d say getting out of the house and taking your baby for a walk in their baby stroller. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, getting out and about is crucial to breaking away from the house and and seeing the world. And having your baby see the world! Being a stay-at-home mom may sound like a glam job, but it’s not-am I right?

And if you’re working outside the home, my guess is you’re cooped up too many hours in an office cubicle and are so wanting to get home, rip off your heels, put on your jogging shoes, and hit the road with your babe in their baby stroller.

Jogging Stroller #1

You’re Baby Stroller Free!

You’ve plunked your loved one into the stroller and you’re off and running. You’re out of the house or out of the office. Whatever your Mommie job, you and your baby have the freedom to take off. It may be your BOB Jogging Stroller. You’ll love how the BOB features a swiveling front wheel that allows maneuverability, which provides stability when your jogging terrain turns tough. Its state of the art suspension system ensures an exceptionally smooth ride. How cool is that?

Feeling like taking a more mellow stroll? Check out theĀ Graco LiteRider. It’s fitted with a deluxe padded, multi-position reclining seat which allows baby to ride in comfort during your explorations. Does this sound super relaxing and destressing for you and or baby, or what?

Whatever type of baby stroller you choose, and which level of strolling you speed you like, it’s nice to know that you have a choice in the stroller you purchase and the Mommie lifestyle you desire.


What type of stroller do you love? Do you like to hit the road running? Or choose a meandering stroll? It’s all GOOD.




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